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Conventional Brake System
SpecialTools 19−2
Component Location Index19−3
Pedal Height Adjustment19−4
Parking Break Adjustment19−4
Front Brakes
Front Brake Pads
Front Caliper
Front Brake Disc
     Runout Inspection19−9
     Thickness and Parallelism
Master Cylinder and Brake Booster
     Master Cylinder
     Brake BoosterTests19−14
     Pushrod Clearance
Rear Brakes
Rear Brake Pads
Rear Brake Disc
     Runout Inspection19−19
     Thickness and Parallelism
Rear Caliper
Brake Hoses/Pipes
Parking Brake
Anti−lockBrake System (ABS)

Features/Construction/Operation 19−28
Wiring/Connector Locations19−40
ALB Checker
     Wheel Sensor Signal Confirmation19−43
Troubleshooting Anti−lock
Brake System (ABS) Indicator Light
          ’91−’92 Models19−44
          ’93−’96 Models19−44
     Symptom−to−System Chart19−46
Hydraulic System
     Hydraulic Connections
          ’91−’92 Models19−61
          ’93−’96 Models19−61
     Relieving Accumulator/Line Pressure
          ’91−'92 Models 19−62
          ’93−’96 Models19−62
Modulator/Solenoid Unit
          ’91−’92 Models19−63
          ’93−’96 Models19−63
     Solenoid Leak Test
          ’91−’92 Models19−64
          ’93−’96 Models19−64
     Solenoid Flushing
          ’91−’92 Models19−65
          ’93−’96 Models19−65
Power Unit
Accumulator/Pressure Switch
     Accumulator Disposal19−68
     Air Bleeding with ALB Checker
          ’91−’92 Models19−69
          ’93−’96 Models19−69
ABS Control Unit
     Fail-Safe Relays/Motor Relay Inspection19−71
     Front Sensor
     Rear Sensor
TractionControl System (TCS)
SpecialTools 19−74
Component Locations
     ’91−’94 Models19−74
     ’95−’96 Models19−75b
System Description Outline19−76
     Construction and Function
          ’91−’94 Models19−76
          ’95−’96 Models19−77
TCS Control Unit Terminal Arrangement
     ’95−’96 Models19−82
Troubleshooting TCS Indicator Light
     ’91−’94 Models19−82
     ’95−’96 Models19−84
     Troubleshooting Guide
     ’91−’94 Models19−84
     ’95−’96 Models19−86
Electronic Components
     TCS Switch Inspection
          ’91−’94 Models19−137
          ’95−’96 Models19−107
     TCS Fail−safe Replay Test19−137
     Lateral Acceleration (Lg) Sensor Inspection
     ’95−’96 Models19−107
     Steering Angle Sensor Replacement
          ’91−’94 Models19−138
          ’95−’96 Models19−108
     TCS Control Unit Replacement
          ’95−’96 Models19−110